Welcome to my Vintage Scuba Collection


On this page you will find an ongoing chronicle of my personal collection of regulators and other interesting vintage scuba gear items that I have accumulated over the years. Some are antiques, some are reproductions, some are experiments and others are just plain fun to play with. Hope you like this page and hopefully you will see something that will interest you, something that will intrigue you or possibly even stuff that may surprise you.


I am always buying the following antique, vintage scuba gear, Twin hose regulators, Wetsuits, Masks, Tanks, Bcd's, Knives, Regulators, Fins, Masks. Basically anything to do with Vintage Scuba Diving even magazines and books.


Feel free to contact me if you wish to sell any antique or vintage scuba gear (skindiving gear) as i purchase from Australia and across the globe.


For the most part, the items on these pages are not for sale at this time unless they have a price on them. However if you see something that strikes your fancy by all means email me and we can discuss that option.


I am constantly building links and adding pictures of vintage diving equipment as time permits. Please bear with me as I work to build this site. 



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