Nemrod Snark 111 Silver #

The Nemrod Snark III Silver is a vintage scuba diving regulator manufactured by Seamless, a company known for producing innovative and durable diving equipment. Here are some key details about the Nemrod Snark III Silver:

Design and Construction:

  • The Nemrod Snark III Silver is part of the Snark series of regulators, which were designed with robustness and functionality in mind.
  • The regulator is known for its durable construction and was built to withstand the demanding conditions of underwater exploration.

Two-Stage Regulator:

  • The Snark III Silver is a two-stage regulator, a common design in scuba diving regulators.
  • It typically consists of a first-stage regulator, responsible for reducing high-pressure air from the tank to intermediate pressure, and a second-stage regulator, which delivers breathable air to the diver on demand.

Silver Finish:

  • As the name suggests, the Snark III Silver features a silver finish, which adds to its aesthetic appeal.
  • The silver finish, in addition to its visual appeal, may provide some corrosion resistance to the regulator’s components, particularly in saltwater environments.

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