Northhill “Air Lung” #5P1710

Northill Air-Lung: A Legacy of American Craftsmanship

Step back in time to the year 1954, as we explore the remarkable Northill Air-Lung, a regulator that proudly bore the “Made in the USA” label. Crafted with precision and built to last, this high-quality regulator tells a story of innovation and adaptation.

Quality Meets Innovation

The Northill Air-Lung, with its heavy-duty solid casting, was a shining example of American craftsmanship. Designed for reliability and performance, it featured a built-in reserve and a mouthpiece that could seamlessly switch between “dive” and “surface” modes. In an era where diving equipment was evolving rapidly, this regulator stood as a testament to innovation.

A Brief Stint with the U.S. Navy

The Northill Air-Lung briefly served with the U.S. Navy, reflecting its initial promise. However, as the demands of Navy divers evolved, it became evident that the regulator fell short in terms of performance. Eventually, the U.S. Navy transitioned to equipment from U.S. Divers, known for its superior capabilities.

Garrett Corp.: Merging Aerospace and Marine Technology

The Garrett Corp., a renowned American manufacturer founded in 1936, played a pivotal role in the production of Northill Air-Lung regulators. While primarily focused on the aerospace industry, Garrett Corp. expanded its horizons by acquiring the Northill Company, known for its expertise in marine technology.

From Aerospace to Underwater Exploration

Beginning in 1954, Garrett Corp. started producing regulators for the U.S. Navy, marking the company’s foray into underwater technology. By 1955, they extended their reach to the world of sport diving. This shift demonstrated their ability to adapt and diversify their offerings.

The Northill Air-Lung: A Heavyweight Performer

The Northill Air-Lung, introduced in 1956, made its mark as a sturdy and dependable regulator. Its integrated reserve and versatile mouthpiece set it apart. While it had a short stint with the U.S. Navy, it faced competition from U.S. Divers regulators, which offered superior performance.

A Legacy in Transition

As the years passed, the landscape of Northill-Garrett went through multiple transformations, including restructuring and shifts in focus. Today, the successors of Northill-Garrett have shifted their primary focus to the aerospace industry, particularly in the realm of space travel.

Honoring a Legacy

The Northill Air-Lung remains a symbol of American ingenuity and craftsmanship, a piece of diving history that reflects the constant quest for improvement in the world of underwater exploration.

Please note that some of the information may be subject to updates or revisions as historical records are clarified and expanded.

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