OMG Rebreather (Early 90s Model)

OMG Rebreather (Early 90s Model):

1. Design and Material: The OMG Rebreather from the early 90s is a semi closed rebreather designed for diving applications. It features a 1.9-liter aluminum cylinder and a canister that holds 2 kg of sorb, constructed with Inconel, a corrosion-resistant nickel-chromium alloy known for its durability. Inconel is particularly suitable for underwater environments due to its resistance to corrosion and high strength.

2. Absorbent Material: The canister is filled with approximately 2 kg of soda lime, a chemical absorbent that removes carbon dioxide from the exhaled air. This process allows the rebreather to recycle the breathing gas, making it more efficient and extending the dive duration.

3. Duration: With a 1.9-liter aluminum cylinder and the use of soda lime, the rebreather provides an estimated duration of around 3 – 4 hours. This extended duration is achieved through the semi closed design, where the exhaled gas is scrubbed of carbon dioxide and then supplemented with additional oxygen for reuse.

4. Gas Mixtures: The rebreather supports two breathing gas options:

  • Oxygen: The breathing gas is primarily oxygen, suitable for shallow and decompression dives.
  • Nitrox: The system allows for semi-closed circuit operation with nitrox mixtures up to 40%, expanding the range of possible dive profiles.

5. Magnetic Properties: The use of Inconel in the construction of the rebreather makes it non-magnetic. This property is beneficial for divers working in environments where magnetic interference could be a concern, such as when diving near magnetic equipment or sensitive instruments.

6. Cyclic and Semi-Closed Operation: The rebreather operates in a cyclic closed-circuit mode, where exhaled gas is scrubbed and supplemented with oxygen for reuse. Additionally, it can be operated in a semi-closed mode when using nitrox, allowing for greater flexibility in dive planning and gas management.

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