Royal Aqua-Master #7282

The Royal Aqua-Master is a notable vintage scuba diving regulator with a rich history in the world of diving equipment. Here’s some information about this classic regulator:

Royal Aqua-Master: The Royal Aqua-Master is a two-stage, balanced scuba diving regulator manufactured by U.S. Divers Corporation. It is considered one of the top-of-the-line regulators of its era and earned the title of the “King of Professional Regulators” in its advertisements. The regulator underwent a name change from “Royal Master” to “Royal Aqua-Master” in 1966, aligning it more closely with the Aqua-Lung family of regulators.

Key Features:

  1. Two-Stage Balanced Design: The Royal Aqua-Master features a two-stage balanced design, which ensures consistent performance throughout a dive. It maintains ease of breathing and minimizes the effort required by the diver, making it suitable for professional divers.
  2. Round Decal Label: Like other Aqua-Lung regulators of its time, the Royal Aqua-Master transitioned from a rectangular nameplate to a round decal label around 1970. This change in labeling is a distinguishing feature for collectors and enthusiasts.
  3. Professional Use: The Royal Aqua-Master was designed and marketed for professional divers and underwater enthusiasts who demanded high-quality, reliable equipment for their underwater adventures.
  4. Historical Significance: This regulator holds historical significance as it represents a period when diving technology was rapidly evolving, and manufacturers were striving to improve the performance and safety of their equipment.

Collector’s Item: The Royal Aqua-Master, with its reputation for excellence and craftsmanship, has become a sought-after collector’s item among vintage scuba diving enthusiasts. Collectors often seek out well-preserved examples to add to their collections.

Maintenance and Use: If you own or plan to use a vintage Royal Aqua-Master for diving, it’s essential to have it inspected, serviced, and maintained by a qualified technician. Vintage regulators may not meet modern safety standards, so exercise caution when using them for actual diving activities.

The Royal Aqua-Master remains a testament to the innovation and quality associated with vintage scuba diving equipment. Its enduring popularity among collectors reflects its status as a piece of diving history.

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