Siebe Gorman Helmet. #7055

Siebe Gorman Dive Helmet Collection: A Tribute to History and Heroism

Delve into a remarkable collection of Siebe Gorman dive helmets, each with a story deeply rooted in history and heroism. These iconic helmets were once owned by a navy salvage diver who played a role in one of the most significant events of the 20th century—the Montebello nuclear tests.

A Glimpse into the Atomic Age

In the early 1950s, the world witnessed the dawn of the atomic age, with nations racing to acquire and test nuclear weapons. The Montebello Islands, a remote and desolate location off the coast of Australia, became the backdrop for a series of British nuclear tests that forever changed the course of history.

Operation Hurricane: The Birth of British Nuclear Power

On October 3, 1952, the Montebello Islands witnessed Operation Hurricane—the first-ever atomic weapon test conducted by the United Kingdom. The test site was the HMS Plym, moored in Main Bay on Trimouille Island. This historic event marked the United Kingdom’s entry into the exclusive nuclear club.

1956: Tower-Mounted Tests and Fallout

Four years later, in 1956, the Montebello Islands were once again the stage for British nuclear tests. These tower-mounted tests, codenamed “Mosaic G2,” were conducted on Trimouille and Alpha Islands. “Mosaic G2” yielded a staggering 60 kilotons, making it the largest nuclear explosion ever in Australia.

However, “Mosaic G2” left a lasting legacy beyond its sheer power. The explosion was notably “dirty,” leading to widespread fallout that contaminated large areas of mainland Australia. Towns as far away as Mount Isa, Julia Creek, Longreach, and Rockhampton were affected by the fallout.

A Tribute to Heroism

The Siebe Gorman dive helmets in this collection serve as a tribute to the heroism and sacrifices made by individuals like the navy salvage diver who owned them. These brave souls ventured into the unknown, often facing perilous conditions, to contribute to a significant chapter in world history.

Stay Tuned for Photos

Soon, we will share captivating photos that provide a visual journey into this extraordinary collection of Siebe Gorman dive helmets. Each helmet carries with it a piece of history, a testament to the courage of those who dared to explore uncharted depths, both below the waves and in the atomic age.

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