South Australian rebreather “ABYSS”

Mant years back, Dr. Errol J. Harding had some exciting news about his Abyss rebreather’s development. It’s evident that a tremendous amount of effort went into crafting this impressive unit, showcasing a commitment to innovation and quality. Interestingly, in the same country, there’s another highly regarded rebreather builder who has left a significant mark on the diving community.

This individual, Kerry, not only designed his own rebreathers but also generously shared his expertise with countless divers, guiding them toward achieving their diving objectives. Kerry is renowned for his pioneering work in transforming SCR (Semi-Closed Rebreathers) into CC (Closed-Circuit Rebreathers) by developing his own metering valves, a substantial advancement in rebreather technology.

Now, these two visionaries have come together and formed a new collaborative venture named “Rebreathers Australia.” Their primary mission is to manufacture rebreather components and make them available to DIY enthusiasts and homebuilders. One of their initial projects involves offering the StingRay and Abyss CC rebreathers in kit form.

The StingRay, a compact and versatile CC rebreather designed for sports diving, can be customized with two-liter bottles, allowing the builder to select their preferred gas supply system, whether it’s Kerry’s metering valve setup or the Kiss system. While the project is still a work in progress, prototypes were unveiled at a recent dive show in Australia, generating considerable excitement. There are even whispers that these kits may become available by the end of the year.

To give you an idea of the StingRay’s specifications, it weighs approximately 18-19 kilograms and features a sturdy fiberglass case. Production of the necessary hoses is currently underway. Additionally, the unit is equipped with the Oxycheq 18-pound Wing and the O-pack harness, ensuring optimal performance and comfort for divers (as of March 4, 2005). This collaboration between Errol J. Harding and Kerry holds great promise for the rebreather community and represents a significant step forward in the evolution of diving technology.

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