US Divers Non Magnetic UDT regulator #237601

The Exceptional Regulator: Low Magnetism and Corrosion Resistance

Dive into the intriguing history of a regulator with a unique purpose—used by US Navy UDT (Underwater Demolition Team) teams for disarming magnetic mines. This regulator had to meet extraordinary criteria, including very low magnetism, making it an exceptional piece of diving equipment.

The Challenge of Magnetism:

To disarm magnetic mines safely, a regulator needed to have minimal magnetism. Traditional chrome plating, which contains some magnetism, was not suitable for this purpose. However, corrosion protection was still crucial since the regulator would primarily be used in saltwater environments.

The Solution: Gold Plating:

The solution lay in gold plating. Many critical parts of this regulator were meticulously gold plated, ensuring both corrosion resistance and low magnetism. These gold-plated components included the nozzle (1012-12), the HP seat (1010-65), the spring block (1000-23), the LP seat holder (1010-04), and the LP seat retainer (1010-07). These parts were marked distinctly to distinguish them from standard unplated brass components. A circular groove around each part served as a clear indicator of their non-magnetic, gold-plated nature.

Unmarked Golden Mystery:

In addition to the well-marked gold-plated parts, there is also mention of a filter (1000-38) that appears to be gold plated but lacks distinctive markings. This unmarked filter adds a layer of intrigue to the regulator’s history, leaving room for exploration and discovery.

Distinctive Features of Non-Mag Regulators:

Divers and collectors may recognize non-mag regulators by specific features that set them apart. These regulators typically had an unmachined hook-ah port on the regulator body, a clear sign of their non-magnetic design. Furthermore, the entire regulator boasted a black oxide finish, serving both anti-glare and corrosion-resistant purposes.

A Tale of Component Swapping:

Over the years, many of these regulators have seen various parts swapped, making it challenging to find pristine, original specimens. Regulators encountered today may feature chrome or brass parts instead of the distinctive gold-plated components that were originally designed for low magnetism and corrosion resistance.

A Unique Piece of Dive History:

The regulator used by US Navy UDT teams for mine disarming stands as a testament to the innovation and adaptability of diving equipment. Its specialized design allowed divers to carry out critical underwater missions safely and effectively.

“Vintage Scuba supply”

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