Voit Trieste II regulator #01254 LP and HP

Exploring the R22 and R22J Trieste Regulators: A Dive into Dive Gear History

Dive enthusiasts, gear up for a fascinating journey into the world of vintage scuba equipment with the R22 and R22J Trieste regulators. These remarkable models, cataloged from 1966 to 1970, hold a special place in the history of underwater exploration, boasting innovative features and unique design elements.

The Two-Stage Balanced Mechanism:

At the heart of the R22 and R22J Trieste regulators lies a two-stage, balanced mechanism. This engineering marvel was a testament to the commitment of the era’s divers to improving underwater breathing performance. The result was a regulator that delivered reliability and efficiency beneath the waves.

US Divers’ Distinctive Offering:

US Divers, a renowned name in the diving industry, did not produce a comparable model to the R22 and R22J Trieste regulators. This made these regulators distinctive and sought-after by divers seeking superior performance and craftsmanship.

Introducing the R22J with Integral Reserve Unit:

The R22J version of the Trieste regulator took innovation a step further by incorporating an integral 300psi reserve unit. This feature provided an added layer of safety and peace of mind for divers. For those with the R22 version, the reserve unit could be added later, giving divers the flexibility to customize their equipment.

Evolution of Ports:

Early production examples of the Trieste regulator featured only a high-pressure (HP) auxiliary port. However, as design evolved, later versions were equipped with both a low-pressure (LP) and HP port, enhancing versatility and functionality.

Distinctive Design Elements:

The Trieste regulator was known for its distinctive design elements, including black hoses, an “hourglass” mouthpiece with unique lettering, and nylon hose clamps. These details set the Trieste apart and made it instantly recognizable to divers of the era.

Voit’s Take: The Trieste II:

Voit, another respected name in diving, produced its version known as the Trieste II. Mechanically identical to the Swimaster version, the Trieste II featured a blue label and a curved mouthpiece. Both versions featured box assemblies finished in shiny chrome, adding to their aesthetic appeal.

A Coupled Reserve Mechanism:

For divers seeking the convenience of a regulator with a factory-coupled reserve mechanism, the V1-JR model was the answer. This regulator featured the same TRIESTE R22 design but came equipped with the reserve mechanism from the factory. The label proudly displayed the letter “J” next to the word TRIESTE, signifying its integrated reserve unit.

“Vintage Double Hose”. https://vintagedoublehose.com/voit-regulator/

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