Twin Hose Regulators

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Royal Mistral

Item #95
The Mistral regulators made by La Spirotechnique in France

US Divers Stream Air 1957

Item #47
US Divers DW stream air

US Divers AquaMaster 1970

Item #44
US Divers AquaMaster

50 Fathom Chrome VCR2

Item #43
50 Fathom Chrome VCR2

Nemrod Snark III Dull Chrome

Item #29
Nemrod Snark III

Nemrod Snark III Silver 1973

Item #27
The Snark III silver was the last doublehose reg that was built.

US Divers Dull Chrome

Item #26
US Divers Dull Chrome

Mistral La Spirotechnique

Item #25
Mistral La Spirotechnique

Divair 1956

Item #24
Divair 1956

Dacor Diving Lung Dial a Breath 1956

Item #23

US Divers DA Aquamaster, 1958-72

Item #22
DA Aquamaster by US Divers, 1958-72

US Divers Aqua-Lung `Trademark` 1951-54

Item #21
US Divers Aqua-Lung

US Divers Mistral 1959

Item #20
US Divers Mistral 1959

Healthways scuba 1960

Item #19
Healthways scuba

Healthways Scuba 1963

Item #18


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