Snark 111 Nemrod by Seamless #08651

The Snark III by Nemrod, manufactured by Seamless, is a vintage scuba diving regulator that combines innovative design elements and robust construction. Here are some key features and details about this historical regulator:

Three-Stage Regulator:

  • The Snark III was marketed as a “3-stage regulator,” but it’s essential to understand the components that make up these stages.
  • The first stage of the Snark III is a standard spring-biased diaphragm stage. While it is unbalanced, it still provides reliable performance for divers.
  • The second stage of the regulator is designed similarly to the Mistral regulator, featuring compound levers for the demand stage. This design enhances breathing comfort and efficiency.

Overpressure Relief Valve:

  • The third stage mentioned in the marketing of the Snark III is the overpressure relief valve located at the top of the regulator. This valve serves as a safety feature to prevent excessive pressure buildup during dives.

Quality Construction:

  • The Snark III is known for its robust construction and durability. It was built to withstand the rigors of underwater exploration and can last for many years with proper care and maintenance.
  • The LP (low-pressure) diaphragm used in this regulator is designed to be flexible and long-lasting, ensuring reliable performance over time.

Exhaust Mushroom Valve:

  • The exhaust mushroom valve, a critical component of any regulator, is described as robust and durable. While it may require occasional maintenance, such as treatment with silicone grease, it is expected to have a long lifespan if well taken care of.

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